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High-Value Writing Book Summary

Get Concise | Get Confident | Get Strategic

If you’re not note-taking or journaling, or getting creative for fun, you’re not writing for you. That’s right: the majority of the writing we create exists for someone else. This means we need to focus more on our readers than ourselves when we write. By writing strategically and with intention, we can meet our business goals while building positive professional relationships in the process.

High-Value Writing takes on this reality, paired with the reality that our readers are typically busy, stressed, and overloaded with content. For this reason, the book begins by helping writers develop clarity and concision, and then builds to more advice on intentionally impacting relationships through writing.

For many of us, the last time we really discussed writing was in school. When we were in school, we were rewarded for using particular writing strategies. At work, however, the rewards are different. We need to consider our reader by making thoughtful choices to keep things brief, clear, and concise. This means we need a new way to think about writing—and intentional strategies that can help us write in the workplace.

The majority of the writing we create exists for someone else.

High-Value Writing gets right to the task of concise writing by offering 3 strategies for concise word choice and sentence creation. You’ll find examples, “Before and After” revisions, and stories from real business writers’ experiences. The book then goes on to share strategies for writing with flow, and creating longer emails and documents.

Finally, the last two chapters of the book focus on the relational, interactive side of writing. The book offers insights into how to meet readers’ needs, as well as how to consider differences like cultural communication expectations and more.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to write with clarity and confidence, making intentional writing choices with certainty, and presenting your ideas with clarity and concision.

This book was inspired by Erin Lebacqz’s students around the world, who asked for more ways to practice strategic writing concepts.

You’ll find the book includes a variety of ways to study an idea:

  • Real examples from real writing struggles

  • “Before and After” examples

  • Insights from Erin’s live workshops

  • Practical ways to apply intentional writing strategies immediately.

This book also helps leaders use writing as a management tool. By writing intentionally, we can build respect and community. We can also include, direct, and redirect more effectively.

For a full summary, including chapter overviews, download this PDF! 🤩 🤩 🤩

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