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"Deliver more effective feedback and make sure your message “lands” the way you want. Enhanced, intentional writing gives leaders an edge!”

— Emily Sander, Executive Leadership Coach, Author, Podcast Host

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The High-Value Writing Workbook

Transform your writing with this interactive, engaging, hands-on workbook for leaders, teams, and students.

High-Value Writing books

In addition to our engaging and transformative on-demand professional writing courses, High-Value Writing also offers a collection of learning materials designed to help anyone improve their writing.

"Do your words work for or against you? You might be surprised by the power of the simple

practices in this workbook. Master them to elevate the impact of everything you write."

Anne Janzer, author of The Writer’s Process







Revision Practice Activities


Reflection Activities


Linked Learning Videos (optional)

"Communication is the No.1 leadership skill. Yet few of us are taught how to write with clarity, concision, and impact. This “class in a box” workbook will have you writing intentionally and confidently in no-time. A must-have tool for all leaders."

Sarah Clayton-Jones, Founder, READ TO LEAD

Downloadable Fact Sheet

Downloadable fact sheet including the Table of Contents.

You can also get the original High-Value Writing book, High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing below!

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