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What is High-Value Writing?

High-Value Writing (HVW) offers a new way to think about the writing we do at work, helping us gain confidence and independence in our writing abilities. Too many of us feel less-than-confident about our writing; this can hold us back from using our voices and from reaching our goals as a result.

With High-Value Writing, we start to see words and sentences as tools or ingredients. We can use them intentionally, to create and convey what we want to, like a mechanic uses tools or a chef uses ingredients. We can then approach business writing with purpose and intention, getting our message across clearly and confidently.

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The History of High-Value Writing

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Hi everybody! I'm Erin Lebacqz, and I've been teaching writing for years (decades!) now. During that time, I've learned from my local and international students in college, graduate school, and the workplace.


My students have taught me about the writing skills they need, and they've helped me articulate what's hard about writing. I've put their questions and my and their ideas together into a new program that helps us see writing from a fresh perspective: High-Value Writing (HVW).

HVW prompts us to identify what we really want to say, and to ensure we provide our reader with meaning (not fluff!). By writing through the HVW lens, we learn to write with intention and purpose. HVW helps us write clearly and concisely, while feeling confident and empowering our voices as writers and as participants in work teams and relationships.


Writing gives us voice and allows us to share our perspectives. By writing clearly at work, we're also empowered to present our insights and collaborate easily with others, ultimately developing more upward mobility as a result. Not all of us had the chance to learn to write well in school, but it's not too late to start writing with value, meaning, and intention. Let's get started on that journey by looking at writing in a new way - and making it work for us.

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