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Courses and Videos

eLearning and Live Virtual Sessions for Leaders and Teams 

Leadership Development Courses

Today’s leaders need strategic writing as part of their toolkit.


High-Value Writing’s leadership development sessions:

  • Build an understanding of the impact of word choice on employee engagement, team collaboration, and respect in the workplace.

  • Provide actionable strategies leaders can apply to their business writing immediately.

Up to 50 Learners

2 Hour Sessions

Instructor-led on Zoom

  • Strategic Writing for Leaders

This course helps leaders use writing to impact their team's success, represent themselves professionally, and build trust and business relationships.

  • Writing to Build Community and Belonging

This course helps leaders write strategically to build inclusion and teamwork, helping their teams build trust, confidence, and effectiveness.

  • Providing Feedback and Redirection

Learn to write feedback that's objective, evidence-based, and provides tangible steps forward. You'll also learn to redirect when needed—without reducing employee confidence.

  • Writing to Convey Confidence and Authority

Learn to manage the level of authority in your writing and even inspire confidence in others.

  • Writing to Manage Motivation, Engagement, and Conflict

This course help leaders use language that boosts respect and engagement, and limits defensive reactions or conflict.

  • Writing to Promote Team Wellness

Help your team reduce stress, conflict, and worry over emails and other written communications by sharing strategies that reduce polarization in writing.

Contact Us to order a Leadership Development course.

Download a list of live virtual courses for leaders and managers below:
2-hr Live Virtual Course List 3
2-hr Live Virtual Course List 4

Business Writing Courses for Teams

Business writers in today’s professional landscape need the skills to inform others clearly and connect with readers respectfully.

Today’s readers need clear, concise, actionable, and accessible writing. Our courses help learners understand the need for clear, accessible writing; and offer practical strategies business and technical writers can use to both inform and connect with their readers.

Up to 50 Learners

2 Hour Sessions

Instructor-led on Zoom

  • Business Writing Fundamentals

This course helps business writers lead with a main point, cut the fluff, and build writing confidence. You'll also learn to break wordy writing habits from school, and adapt your writing to a business setting.

  • Effective Emailing

This course helps you write clear, actionable emails—supporting your reader by writing a strong main point, call to action, and purposeful subject line.

  • Strategic Writing for Subject Matter Experts

This course helps Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) create technical writing that both provides needed information and meets the needs of today's business readers.

  • Writing Across Generations & Other Cultures

This course will help you understand the impacts generational and regional cultures may have on communication. You'll also learn strategies for adapting your writing to your reader's culture.

  • Writing for Today's Readers

This course shares strategies for both understanding and meeting the needs of today's readers.

  • Writing with Emotional Intelligence

This course shares strategies for writing to build trust and maintain positive professional relationships.

Contact Us to order a course for your team.

Download a list of live virtual courses for staff and teams below:
2-hr Live Virtual Course List 1
2-hr Live Virtual Course List 2
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eLearning Videos

High-Value Writing partners with Sunshine Creative to provide engaging, high-quality, customized learning videos you can license or purchase to host in your internal Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Videos can be customized specifically for your team’s needs, or chosen from a range of pre-made topics and branded to fit in your LMS.

  • Videos range in length from 5-45 minutes, depending on the needs of your team.

Licensed Pre-Maid Videos

Licensed Pre-Made Videos

Licensed Customized Videos

Licensed Customized Videos

High-Value Writing also partners with other subject matter experts to bring you updated, applicable content that meets the multiple needs of today’s business writers.

Collaborative content created with our Strategic Partners includes:

  • Learning videos focusing on the needs of global teams, in partnership with Val Bath of Cultural Business Consulting.

  • Learning videos focusing on the needs of today’s readers, in partnership with Anne Janzer, bestselling Business Writing author.

Contact Us to order a video for your internal LMS.

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