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eLearning and Live Virtual Sessions for Leaders and Teams 

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Writing for Leaders

Today’s leaders need strategic writing as part of their toolkit.


High-Value Writing’s leadership development sessions:

  • Build an understanding of the impact of word choice on employee engagement, team collaboration, and respect in the workplace.

  • Provide actionable strategies leaders can apply to their business writing immediately.

Strategic Writing for Leaders

Words have two levels of meaning: the informational, literal meaning; and the relational, emotional meaning.


Leaders can leverage strategic writing to develop trust, build community, and engage teams - as well as to direct and redirect.

Learners will walk away with practical strategies they can apply immediately.

Contact us to request a session for your leaders.

Leadership Development Programs (LDP)

Intentional writing is one of leaders’ best strategic management tools, but it’s often overlooked. Leaders can use writing strategically to build relationships, manage teams, and inspire confidence and engagement in others.

Ensure your leaders know how to use words strategically. High-Value Writing offers customized LDP modules you can integrate into your internal LDP.


Contact us to discuss creating a Strategic Writing module that integrates seamlessly with your own learning program.

Global Leadership Development Programs (GLDP)

Global leaders need an even more in-depth understanding of communication to succeed. They must be agile enough to use writing strategically in a multicultural environment.

High-Value Writing partners with Global Business Consulting to create customized GLDP modules that offer actionable strategies informed by cultural awareness.


Contact us to discuss integrating Strategic Writing into your GLDP.

Writing for Teams

Business writers in today’s professional landscape need the skills to inform others clearly and connect with readers respectfully.

Writing for Today’s Readers

(2 hours, live virtual):

Today’s readers need clear, concise, actionable, and accessible writing.


This course provides an understanding of the need for clear, accessible writing; and offers practical strategies business writers can use to both inform and connect with their readers.

Writing to Build Relationships

(90 minutes, live virtual)

Words do more than inform readers: They can affect readers’ emotions, perceptions, and behaviors. Ensure your team’s writing builds trust and understanding with internal and external stakeholders.


This course explains why we need Emotional Intelligence in writing and provides actionable strategies teams can immediately use to build relationships through intentional writing.

Glass Buildings

eLearning Videos

High-Value Writing partners with Sunshine Creative to provide engaging, high-quality, customized learning videos you can license or purchase to host in your internal Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Videos can be customized specifically for your team’s needs, or chosen from a range of pre-made topics and branded to fit in your LMS.

  • Videos range in length from 5-45 minutes, depending on the needs of your team.

Licensed Pre-Made Videos

Licensed Customized Videos

High-Value Writing also partners with other subject matter experts to bring you updated, applicable content that meets the multiple needs of today’s business writers.

Collaborative content created with our Strategic Partners includes:

  • Learning videos focusing on the needs of global teams, in partnership with Val Bath of Cultural Business Consulting.

  • Learning videos focusing on the needs of today’s readers, in partnership with Anne Janzer, bestselling Business Writing author.

Contact Us to order a video for your internal LMS.

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