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"I’m pleased to give Erin Lebacqz my highest recommendation. Erin has waitlists in every class. 

She unfailingly receives the highest ratings from participant feedback. 


In short, Erin makes writing classes fun, easy to understand, and impactful, not to mention our team members love her!"


—Michelle Dearholt, EVP of Operations


Erin Lebacqz, Author & Educator

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"Readers eager to feel 'more independent and confident' in their writing will appreciate this polished, no-nonsense guide."


"will save you time, money, and relationships"

 "a game changer"

"ideal resource for modern writers"

"can help any learner improve their ability to write effectively, and created shared meaning"

"not full of boring details about grammar, but has easy, real life examples to illustrate important points"

Welcome to High-Value Writing!


Erin Lebacqz, Author & Educator

       eady to get confident and feel good—or even better—about your business writing?


High-Value Writing can get you there.


I created the High-Value Writing program to help workplace writers of all levels meet their professional and personal goals through clear, confident writing.


Whether you’ve learned a lot about writing in the past, or a little, you can write with intention and connect with (and even impress!) your reader.

   et's get to work!



Erin's Experience

25 years teaching professional and school writing

12 years teaching business writing

European Commission
United States Forest Service
State of California
Multiple financial institutions
Multiple healthcare settings
Manufacturing and Building

Three years academic associate dean

Erin's Education

M.A. in Rhetoric & Writing

B.A. in International Relations

Secondary Teaching Credential

Multicultural & Multilingual Learners
Writing and English Studies

Global Coach Certificate

ELTS Color Vowel Certificate

University of New Mexico
Central New Mexico Community College
Universitas Negriti de Gorontalo, Indonesia
University of Wuhan, China
Anderson School of Management