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Make writing
part of your

Business Writing and Leadership courses to help you meet business goals and strengthen professional relationships. 

When we saw High-Value Writing's creative videos on LinkedIn reinforcing our messages, we knew we found the freshness we were looking for.


We worked with Erin to prepare the course and some exercises, and all went smoothly. The training was well received and people had fun!


And the best thing is that with Erin, you don’t only get a course, but can subscribe to email tips and get regular reminders on how to improve your writing.


— Nika Truhacev,

European Commission

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Mission Statement

Teams who communicate with clarity and respect build trust and engagement, helping them achieve better business outcomes. High-Value Writing helps teams realize the power of strategic business writing through interactive learning experiences that foster intentional communication.

Writing: The most powerful part of your strategy you never noticed 

– Erin Lebacqz


“Workplace miscommunications cost U.S. businesses $26,000 per employee…[and] can lead to lower retention rates and decreased employee engagement.”         

                                                                            — Axios 2022


"71% of employees blame passive aggression for their lack of effort at work.”

                                                          — Business Insider 2023

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