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Connect with
   your reader.

Empower your voice.

Erin Lebacqz, Writing Teacher and Author

Empower your writing.  |  Empower your life.
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What is High-Value Writing?

High-Value Writing takes a fresh, strategic approach to the writing we do for work and in life.

DIY, straightforward, and accessible, High-Value Writing is:

Naturally concise



Empowering for writer and reader

How can High-Value Writing help?

High-Value Writing helps you develop writing confidence through strategies for writing clearly, concisely, and with purpose.

Inform and connect with your reader by using both Writing IQ and Writing EQ. High-Value Writing helps you balance directness and concision with empathy to build relationships through writing.

Cut the fluff.

Write with intention.

Clarify your point.

Build relationships with your reader.

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A Welcome from Erin Lebacqz,
Creator of the HVW Program & Curriculum


Welcome and thanks for taking time to learn more about High-Value Writing. Ready to build writing confidence and feel good—or even better—about your business writing? High-Value Writing can get you there.


I created the High-Value Writing program to help workplace writers of all levels meet their professional and personal goals through clear, confident writing.


Whether you’ve learned a lot about writing in the past, or a little, you can write with intention and feel proud of your writing.

Did you know there isn’t one “right” way to write?


Instead, what’s “right” depends on the situation. We can all learn to make the best writing decisions for different situations by thinking about our reader and our goal, and by leveling up our writing with some targeted strategies.

The High-Value Writing curriculum and program came out of discussions with workplace writers just like you. After working with thousands of workplace and academic writers around the world, I’ve learned a lot about the challenges of writing in real-world situations. 


You can start writing with more value and purpose today by checking out one of my YouTube videos or
getting a copy of the High-Value Writing book. Glad to meet you! Let’s get to work.


Erin's Experience

25 years teaching professional and school writing

12 years teaching business writing

Three years academic associate dean

Erin's Education

M.A. in Rhetoric & Writing

B.A. in International Relations

Secondary Teaching Credential

Multicultural & Multilingual Learners
Writing and English Studies

Global Coach Certificate

ELTS Color Vowel Certificate

University of New Mexico
Central New Mexico Community College
Universitas Negriti de Gorontalo, Indonesia
University of Wuhan, China
Anderson School of Management

European Commission
United States Forest Service
State of California
Multiple financial institutions
Multiple healthcare settings
Manufacturing and Building