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Respect Your Reader's Time in Your Emails, and Your Reader Will Respect You!

by Erin Lebacqz

One of the top questions I hear in live business writing classes is this:

"How can I spend less time reading and responding to emails?"

And, a follow-up question often comes next:

"Why don't these writers care about my time?"

Readers can feel it when they're being respected. And readers can feel it when they're not.

This video walks you through three easy ways to respect your reader's time. You'll learn ways to win your reader's favor, simply by "doing the work" to make your email easy to handle—rather than leaving that work for the reader.

Many of us read emails all day, and what's even tougher than that is the need to respond to all of them!

We can help our readers save time, and therefore save time ourselves, when our readers respond quickly and as we'd hoped. Using time-saving email techniques helps all of us—readers and writers.


Want more concise writing tips? Check out our e-course on writing clearly and concisely!

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