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Thanks for supporting High-Value Writing!

As a member of the HVW Book Promotion Team, you'll receive a free copy of the eBook. 

Download your copy here!

Ways you can help support HVW:

  • Post a quote from the book on LinkedIn.

  • Post a review of HVW on Amazon.

  • Post a review of HVW on Goodreads.

  • Comment on and/or share a LinkedIn post
    in which I announce the book.

  • Post comments on HVW’s Instagram page when I announce the book on IG.

  • Pre-order the (physical) book on Amazon. (Pre-orders make Amazon stock the book.)

  • Tell friends/colleagues about the book.

  • Post a pic of you reading the book on your preferred social media platform.

  • Promote #highvaluewriting in other ways.

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