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Based on Erin's work with thousands of business writers around the world.


Editorial Review

In High-Value Writing, Erin Lebacqz offers high-value lessons on clear,
effective business writing, complete with practical examples.


"As someone who writes about writing, I found fresh and useful ways to
approach the decisions we make when writing. 

"This is a valuable guide for anyone who writes on the job—and that's
nearly all of us."

     —Anne Janzer, author of Writing to Be Understood and The Writer's Process.

Business Discussion
Working Together

Editorial Review

Need confidence in writing? We all do. Erin Lebacqz has made this the core point in her new book on improving writing. Her key message is that the right way to write is to write for the situation.Aware of key writers' challenges, like not being able to start or stop, Erin jumps in to solve the confidence puzzle. The answer is understanding ourselves, the writing process, and our readers.


"Erin identifies the need to 'own the process' and how we can be intentional about it and not just hit the right level accidentally. The book highlights how to choose specific words, create clear sentences, structure logical paragraphs and connect it all in strong documents or electronic messages that connect with your reader."                                                                       — Kate Harrison Whiteside, Director, Plain Language Academy

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